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5 Must-Ask Questions for Your Mercedes Maintenance Mechanic

Owning a luxury car like yours comes with the responsibility of ensuring its proper maintenance. When it's time to entrust your Mercedes to a maintenance mechanic, being well-informed is key.

What Makes a Volkswagen Repair Specialist Different from a General Mechanic?

Keeping your Volkswagen running smoothly requires the expertise of a skilled mechanic, but not just any mechanic will do. A Volkswagen repair specialist stands out from a general mechanic in several key ways.

Why a BMW Repair Specialist is Essential for Your Luxury Car

If you're fortunate enough to own a BMW, you're probably well aware of the exceptional driving experience and luxurious features that come with it. However, with great luxury comes great responsibility – the responsibility of maintaining and servicing your car to keep it running in its prime.

When to Seek Out an Audi Repair Specialist: Signs & Symptoms

Do you own an Audi? If you do, you probably appreciate the luxury and performance that these cars offer. Audis are known for their quality and advanced engineering, but like any other vehicle, they can encounter issues over time.

The Ultimate Mercedes Maintenance Checklist: A Mechanic’s Perspective

As the owner of a Mercedes, you're well aware of the luxurious and top-notch engineering that your car embodies. To ensure your car continues to perform at its best, a well-rounded Mercedes maintenance routine is crucial.

The Top 3 Most Overlooked Services Recommended by Volkswagen Maintenance Mechanics

Your Volkswagen deserves the best care. While regular oil changes and tire rotations are essential, there are three often overlooked services recommended by Volkswagen maintenance mechanics that can help your vehicle perform at its best.

How a BMW Maintenance Mechanic Can Extend the Life of Your Car

Your car represents not just a mode of transportation, but an investment in luxury and performance. To protect your investment and ensure that your BMW serves you faithfully for years to come, regular maintenance is key.

Why Regular Visit to an Audi Maintenance Mechanic Are Essential for Your Car’s Health

As an Audi owner, you value the health and performance of your car. Regular visits to an Audi maintenance mechanic play a vital role in maintaining your vehicle’s well-being.

The Importance of Regular Check-Ups for Mercedes Repair and Maintenance

If you're a proud owner of a Mercedes, you're already aware of the luxury and performance that come with it. Keeping your Mercedes in top-notch condition is essential to enjoy all the benefits it offers. Regular check-ups for repair and maintenance are not just a good idea – they are crucial.

How an Audi Repair Specialist Can Improve Your Car’s Performance

Do you own an Audi, and you’re looking for ways to boost your car’s performance? Look no further! An Audi repair specialist can be your go-to solution for enhancing the performance of your vehicle.

Seasonal Maintenance Tips from a Volkswagen Repair Specialist

As an owner of a Volkswagen, you understand the joy of driving a well-crafted, reliable vehicle. To keep your Volkswagen in top-notch condition throughout the year, it's essential to perform regular seasonal maintenance.

5 Signs You Need to Visit a BMW Repair Specialist Immediately

Your BMW is more than just a car; it's a symbol of luxury, performance, and style. When you own a BMW, you want to ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently. But, like any machine, it can develop problems that need immediate attention.

How the Evolution of Mercedes Technology has Impacted your Mercedes Maintenance Mechanic

Mercedes Benz is one of the most over-engineered, complex vehicles on the market today. Even the best-trained mechanics can encounter a one-of-a-kind problem with Mercedes Benz vehicles.

Mythbusting with Your Volkswagen Repair Specialist

There are so many myths and misconceptions surrounding the automotive industry, especially when it comes to auto repairs. For a long time, Volkswagen owners have been led to believe they must take their cars to a dealership for repairs and maintenance, which is not always the best solution.

Your BMW Repair Specialist Shares Their Top Maintenance & Service Tips

BMW makes some of the best luxury cars on the road. With a proper maintenance and service schedule, your BMW will continue operating at high-performance levels for several years.

Weird Noises that Mean It’s Time to See Your Audi Repair Specialist

Audis are beautiful machines with unique personalities. When you take your time to understand your Audi, you can diagnose many of its repair issues just by listening to its sound. However, it’s always best to get an expert opinion from a trusted Audi repair specialist. 

Why Regular Visits to Your Mercedes Maintenance Mechanic are Crucial for Ensuring Peak Performance

Your Mercedes Benz needs routine preventive maintenance to keep it performing optimally for years to come. But since Mercedes Benz is a luxury car that costs a lot of money to purchase, you understandably don’t want to take it to any regular mechanic shop for repair or maintenance. Always take your car to an experienced mechanic who specializes in luxury vehicles.

How Often Should You See Your Volkswagen Maintenance Mechanic to Keep Your VW Running Like New?

Volkswagen is a luxury vehicle brand with a reputation for reliability and attractiveness, but even the best-performing vehicles require routine upkeep. Keeping up with regular maintenance is the best way to keep your Volkswagen car running smoothly and efficiently.

Why Regular Visits to Your BMW Maintenance Mechanic are Essential for Long-Lasting Performance

A BMW is more than a car! It’s a treasure to be proud of. But nothing can be more frustrating than encountering trouble with your BMW. Repairing a BMW vehicle takes up significant time, money, and energy.

Great Tips from Audi Maintenance Mechanics on Keeping Your Car Running Smoothly

Audi automobiles are known for unrivalled innovation and design excellence. From the sleek R8 Roadster to the luxurious Q7 to the modern electric Audi A8 L, Audi offers luxury vehicles that defy convention and stretch the limits of automotive engineering.

| Posted by Sandy Lane Automotive
What You Should Know About Mercedes Repair

There are several misconceptions and myths about Mercedes repair and maintenance. This guide shares some common facts and myths about this luxury car brand to ensure you have the correct information about Mercedes Benz vehicles.

| Posted by Sandy Lane Automotive
Why it Pays to Take Your Audi to an Audi Repair Specialist

Unfortunately, if you take your Audi to the wrong mechanic, you might get back a car that just doesn’t perform the same anymore. So, it’s always important to take your car to a certified Audi repair specialist.

| Posted by Sandy Lane Auto
The Most Common Issues that Volkswagen Repair Specialists Diagnose May Surprise You

VW has been known for producing luxury cars traditionally preserved for wealthy people. While the German car manufacturer is recognized for quality, robustness, and durability, your Volkswagen may experience common issues just like any other car on the market.

Your BMW Repair Specialist Shares the Most Common BMW Repair Issues and How to Prevent Them

BMWs do have a few common problems that a trusted BMW repair specialist can and should address whenever they appear. Below are some BMW repair issues and how to solve or prevent them.

| Posted by Brett Morgan

Spring and summer is THE season for “cone zones”---road construction sites where you will likely hit a bump or two, come across loose stones, and other hazards. These rough road conditions can be tough on a vehicle’s steering and suspension system and can affect your wheel alignment.

Tire rotation is all about moving the existing tires from one wheel to the other, either back to front, left to right or diagonally. This exercise is important as the tires have the tendency to wear unevenly.

| Posted by Brett Morgan

With a majority of vehicle owners living in areas of the country that have stay-at-home orders, many vehicles may be sitting idle for days or weeks at a time.

Spring Car Maintenance Tips

Winter’s cold temperatures and icy conditions have been hard on your car, so it is likely showing some signs of wear and tear. Spring is the perfect time to bring your car in for a full inspection to identify any minor problems, before they become major ones.

| Posted by Brett Morgan

We hope you are keeping well and staying healthy during this interesting and challenging time. Over the past two weeks, Sandy Lane has stayed committed to caring for the health and well-being of our staff and clients, and we continue to follow guidelines set out by our health officials.

| Posted by Brett Morgan

You've cleaned your whole house from top to bottom, you've scrubbed the doorknobs, brushed your teeth, you've even flossed for the first time in months just because. What about your car?

| Posted by Brett Morgan
Ignite Engine Performance with Spark Plug Check

That little engine part called the spark plug performs a huge job in delivering a vehicle’s power, performance, dependability and fuel efficiency and should be replaced periodically.

| Posted by Brett Morgan

Timing belts serve several tasks. The biggest thing a timing belt does is connect the crankshaft to the camshaft. The timing belt is very similar to a serpentine belt however has hundreds of little teeth on the belt itself. If the timing belt is off just one tooth the engine may run rough or may not even run at all.

| Posted by Brett Morgan
At the helm of his ship: Chad Helm puts Edmonton on the right side of fashion

Many an Edmontonian has relied on Chad Helm to befit them in bespoke, and outfit them in the latest in men’s fashions. As a teenager growing up in Edmonton, he was cognizant of a missing emphasis on men’s fashion in the city and set out to change that landscape when he opened his downtown, full-service luxury men’s wear store, The Helm Clothing, in 2012.

| Posted by Brett Morgan
Engineer, Dancer, Woodworker & Gardener—No idle moment for this Sandy Lane veteran

In a past life, Evan Zukiwsky could throw his legs over his head, leap across a stage and keep impressive formations with his Ukrainian Shumka dance team.

| Posted by Brett Morgan
A well-maintained car? Gary Redmond will tell you why it’s important

Gary’s childhood gave him a lifelong appreciation for travel and world exploration—and a knack for understanding multiple dialects and accents of the English language. He was born in Otago, New Zealand, and lived in England and United States before settling in Edmonton. His career has taken him across Canada and to international destinations, including Red Cross disaster zones like Yugoslavia where he was responsible for disaster recovery programs.

| Posted by Brett Morgan
Devoted Edmontonian, John Shires, shares a lifetime of community engagement experiences

John Shires is as Edmontonian as they come—born, raised, and still a devoted citizen of our city’s community. He began his career working in Parks & Recreation with the City, then moved on to a position as Director of Communications for Forestry and Wildlife for the Province of Alberta.

| Posted by Brett Morgan
A Visit from Bobbi Stobbart Makes for a Great Day at Sandy Lane

For 35 years, Bobbi Stobbart has dedicated herself to occupational health and safety, intensive care and community health as a Registered Nurse. The former Cubs leader has lived in Edmonton since 1988 and enjoys hiking and biking in the River Valley and Hawrelak Park…and she sings every chance she gets.

Scott Wallace is all about planning for the future and doing his part to make Edmonton a great city

Scott Wallace’s retirement metaphor makes nothing but good sense—the longer your snowball rolls down the mountain, the bigger it will get. Start saving early is only a small part of what Scott helps his clients do. He also encourages them to have a vision—where do you see yourself living? What are you doing there?

Lights, Camera, Edit! A Glimpse into the Life of Wayne Anderson

AGT, Air New Zealand, McDonald’s. These are only a handful of the corporate commercials Wayne Anderson had a hand in creating in his long and lucrative career as an editor in film and television. For Wayne, editing wasn’t work, but a daily creative endeavour. For each project, he assembled footage and script with intention, creating a story—whether it be a documentary, television show or commercial—that was memorable and impactful.

Hockey, baseball and string art keep Jen Jensen on the move

Jen and her husband first brought their Jeep Grand Cherokee into Sandy Lane when they relocated to Edmonton from Dawson Creek in 2013.

After this…You’ll want to know Ron Dezman, too.

Though Ron Dezman lives in the same neighbourhood where he grew up, he has not always stayed close to home. For five years, he explored the African and Asian continents and the Middle East, coming home for short periods to work the summer months in Edmonton before setting off again.

Looking for a Bit of Rockabilly? Chris Grapel Can Show You How it’s Done

Bassist. Father. Husband. Geotechnical engineer. Volunteer. Off-road biker. Old-railway camper.

We asked Chris Grapel if he also sleeps. He told us, “Like a baby.”

Bishu Fras is All About Trusted Counsel

For 35 years, Bishu Fras’ world has revolved around children and youth wellness. As a counselor and practicing psychologist for schools in the County of Strathcona, he plays an integral role in student social skill development, learning assessments, and conflict resolution, as well as personal and family counselling.

Forester and conservationist, Dave Watson, knows Western Canada as well as he knows his own car

A career in environmental conservation is one way to experience the wonder of our country’s great outdoors. Over the span of his career with Canadian Forestry Services, Dave Watson assembled the pieces of the puzzle that is forest management, and did survey work and economic research related to forest fire management. He was responsible for community education and building awareness on all matters environmental, from grizzly bear conservation to canoe recreation to how smoke moves after a fire.

The Kind of Customer Every Business Needs

Despite her leadership being critical to the health of a community, Margo Long is not one to take herself too seriously. Even dropping her car keys in the North Saskatchewan River on a paddle boarding adventure won’t bring about panic, just a humorous phone call to Sandy Lane. (We love you, Margo!)

Car Care and Bighearted Banter, Bruce Marshall Finds Both at Sandy Lane

Maybe more than a well-maintained car itself, Bruce Marshall loves good back-shop banter with the Sandy Lane crew.

Scientist, car lover and classical pianist? We found one in Randy Goebel

Instead of switching jobs, Randy Goebel collects them. He is a Professor of Computing Science at University of Alberta, Chief Scientist at AITF (Alberta Manufacturing and Fabrication Innovation program)

Drum roll please…Brian Jones shares his passion for music and Sandy Lane experience

The same year Sandy Lane opened its doors, Brian was invited to play with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra as a student extra, and has been playing everything you can strike with a mallet or stick ever since.

Change of Seasons: Go to a Porsche Tire Shop for Summer Tires

Have you switched your winter tires for summer tires? Visit Sandy Lane Auto, your Porsche tire shop, to get summer road ready.

Peter Twiss Shares an Unwavering Work Ethic with Edmonton

Originally from Scotland, Peter came to Edmonton in 1973 to start his practice as a family doctor and raise a family. Though he made Edmonton his home, his Scottish work ethic never wavered: work hard, contribute to society and set an example for your children. For Peter, family has always come first.


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