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Posted: 1 Oct '23

Mythbusting with Your Volkswagen Repair Specialist

Mythbusting with Your Volkswagen Repair Specialist

There are so many myths and misconceptions surrounding the automotive industry, especially when it comes to auto repairs. For a long time, Volkswagen owners have been led to believe they must take their cars to a dealership for repairs and maintenance, which is not always the best solution. You have the freedom to get your Volkswagen serviced wherever you please as long as you’re working with a certified Volkswagen repair specialist. Let's debunk some of the most popular misconceptions surrounding Volkswagen auto repairs. Book your service with us today!

Myth #1: Your Warranty with Volkswagen Will Be Voided

One of the most significant concerns of Volkswagen owners is using an independent repair shop for fear of the manufacturer voiding the warranty. However, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 changed that requirement. Under this law, vehicle manufacturers can no longer dictate to car owners where they can take their vehicles for service or repairs. So, you have the freedom to take your car to a local Volkswagen repair specialist without risking your warranty.

Myth #2: You Should Only Take Your Volkswagen to a Dealership for Repair and Maintenance

Volkswagen dealerships usually charge more money for repair and maintenance services than independent auto shops. However, a good Volkswagen repair mechanic can perform the same repair and maintenance services for a fraction of the cost. You can also be guaranteed a better service experience.

Just make sure you’re working with a certified mechanic to avoid mistakes that could cost you much more money down the road. A Volkswagen repair specialist will only use genuine parts and state-of-the-art equipment to give your car the care it deserves.

Mythbusting with Your Volkswagen Repair Specialist 2

Myth #3: Volkswagen Vehicles Are Costly to Maintain

There are rumors that Volkswagens and other imported European vehicles are more costly to repair than regular alternatives. While it’s true that Volkswagen parts may sometimes cost more due to import costs, the actual maintenance cost is comparable to other vehicles. As long as you stick to your VW maintenance schedule as outlined in the owner's manual, your car will run well for several years to come.

Myth # 4: The AC Enhances Fuel Economy

Your car’s air conditioner is not meant for fuel economy but rather to enhance convenience and comfort while driving. However, running your AC with the car windows open might be costly. If the weather allows it, simply switch off the AC and open the windows. But if you find any problems in your air conditioning system, contact your Volkswagen repair specialist for diagnosis and repair. Sometimes it’s the poor battery that cannot control your car's air conditioning system, and changing the battery on time will restore the comfort inside your car.

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Myth # 5: Manual Transmission Offers Better Fuel Economy than Automatic Transmission

Another common myth about Volkswagens is that manual transmission is more economical than automatic transmission. While this myth used to be true when automatic transmission technology was first introduced, it no longer holds true. The early automatic transmission systems lacked varieties of gears, and the process of changing gears was not seamless. But today, choosing between manual and automatic systems depends entirely on your preference.

Mythbusting with Your Volkswagen Repair Specialist 4 Mythbusting with Your Volkswagen Repair Specialist 5

Book In Your Volkswagen for Quality Service!

Always take your time to know your Volkswagen vehicle instead of believing the myths flying around. More importantly, ensure you bring your Volkswagen to a trusted Volkswagen repair specialist who can answer your questions accurately and objectively. Our team handles all VW repair and maintenance needs. 

Moreover, our Volkswagen service and repair experts undergo continuous training to offer you the most advanced and courteous repair and maintenance service. Contact us today to schedule your service or maintenance appointment.


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