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Porsche Service & Repair in Edmonton

Your Independent Porsche Repair Facility Servicing Edmonton Since 1968

At Sandy Lane Automotive, we realize how important it is that your Porsche feels and performs as well today as it did when driven off the showroom floor. Whether it is your vintage 914, sophisticated Panamera and Cayenne or the high performance Boxster, Cayman and 911, Sandy Lane knows what it takes to maintain your Porsche to the highest standards. Our technicians spend weeks in training every year ensuring they are tuned in with the latest Porsche information and are able to use the PWIS factory diagnostic equipment to track down the most complicated computer network issues. Sandy Lane Automotive is a Certified IMS solution installer from IMS Solution LLC. We are also a Preferred IMS Retrofit Installer as listed by LN Engineering. Along with taking care of your IMS bearing issues, we are able to do full engine rebuilds. Our rebuilds have options to alleviate current and future problems on your Porsche engine or take your vehicle to the next level which is a Big Bore Power House. We use only the best German replacement parts on your Porsche, in some cases custom made parts that exceed Porsche specifications to ensure your Porsche is ready for anything you throw at it.

Call us to schedule in your next major servicing as outlined in your Porsche owner’s manual for the interval: 48,000KM, 96,000KM, 120,000KM & 168,000KM
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Parts Warranty

Every part we install on your vehicle comes with a 1-3 year parts and labour warranty. We use a combination of OEM and aftermarket parts. The aftermarket parts we do offer carry the same or better warranty than the ones supplied by the dealership. Aftermarket parts are often priced 10-50% less than the OEM equivalent and those savings are passed on to our clients.

Software Updates

Sandy Lane Automotive spends thousands of dollars every year purchasing and updating our diagnostic equipment to ensure we are up to date with today’s newest and latest technology. We offer software upgrades on everything from your engine to suspension, transmission and braking system.We can also program most ignition keys and fobs. Check with our service team with your year, make and model of vehicle and we will let you know if we can program it.


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