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Mini Cooper Service & Repair in Edmonton

Your Independent Mini Cooper Repair Facility Servicing Edmonton Since 1968

At Sandy Lane Automotive, we specialize in the service, repair and performance of your MINI Copper. Our goal is to perform the MINI services your specific model needs, competently and quickly so you have the safest, most dependable means of transportation possible.

Our technicians are dedicated to learning the nuances of your vehicle, coupled with the latest in diagnostic equipment and software puts us on the forefront of all the new technology on the market today. We only use parts that meet or exceed original MINI standards and carry a 2 year warranty.

MINI Cooper is a technologically advanced vehicle. It has as many as 20 to 35 on-board computers communicating at one time, and most with the ability to store from 20 to 50 different trouble codes. You just can’t entrust your MINI to anybody – the exacting standards that is the driving force behind every MINI also commands the experience and expertise of professional Technicians who know your MINI Cooper inside and out.

Call us to schedule in your next major servicing as outlined in your MINI Cooper owner’s manual for the interval: 48,000KM, 96,000KM, 120,000KM & 160,000KM
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Parts Warranty

Every part we install on your vehicle comes with a 1-3 year parts and labour warranty. We use a combination of OEM and aftermarket parts. The aftermarket parts we do offer carry the same or better warranty than the ones supplied by the dealership. Aftermarket parts are often priced 10-50% less than the OEM equivalent and those savings are passed on to our clients.

Software Updates

Sandy Lane Automotive spends thousands of dollars every year purchasing and updating our diagnostic equipment to ensure we are up to date with today’s newest and latest technology. We offer software upgrades on everything from your engine to suspension, transmission and braking system.We can also program most ignition keys and fobs. Check with our service team with your year, make and model of vehicle and we will let you know if we can program it.


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