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Preventative Maintenance Packages

At Sandy Lane, we strive to know you and your vehicle, and build long-term relationships based on trustworthy service and competitive prices. We have developed a Preventative Maintenance Program to avoid costly and unforeseen car problems and ensure your car is properly maintained. A well maintained vehicle will cost you less over time, be more environmentally friendly and makes driving worry free.

A, B, C & D Services and Schedule: Call Us for Details About Our Packages

  • Oil and filter change, including oil additive
  • Reset service light
  • Adjust tire pressure & check wear
  • Lubricate door hinges, latches, & locks
  • Complimentary 35 Point Safety Inspection
  • Oil sludge removal
  • Oil & filter change
  • Reset service light
  • Replace air filter
  • Replace cabin air filter
  • Install long-life coolant additive
  • Balance & rotate tires
  • Check brake pad wear
  • Test engine coolant
  • Service and lubricate front and rear brake calipers
  • Complimentary 35 Point Safety Inspection
  • Oil sludge removal
  • Oil & filter change
  • Reset service light
  • Balance & rotate tires
  • Check brake pad wear
  • Engine coolant services
  • Brake fluid service
  • Minor fuel system service
  • Replace air filter
  • Replace cabin air filter
  • A/C service
  • Complimentary 35 Point Safety Inspection
  • Oil sludge removal
  • Oil & filter change
  • Reset service light
  • Balance & rotate tires
  • Check brake pad wear
  • Synthetic transmission fluid service
  • Engine coolant service
  • Brake fluid service
  • Major fuel injection service
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Replace air filter
  • Replace cabin air filter
  • Replace fuel filter
  • A/C service
  • Complimentary 35 Point Safety Inspection
Minor Fuel Injection Service
Major Fuel Injection Service
Brake Fluid Service
Coolant Service
Non-synthetic Automatic
Transmission Service
Synthetic Automatic
Transmission Service
Battery Service
Oil Sludge Removal (includes oil and filter change, reset service light)
Power Steering Service
Preventative Maintenance Schedule
KM Service
6,000 A
12,000 A
18,000 A
24,000 B
30,000 A
36,000 A
42,000 A
48,000 C
54,000 A
60,000 A
66,000 A
72,000 B
78,000 A
84,000 A
90,000 A
96,000 D
102,000 A
108,000 A
114,000 A
120,000 B
126,000 A
132,000 A
138,000 A
144,000 C
150,000 A
156,000 A
162,000 A
168,000 B
174,000 A
180,000 A
186,000 A
192,000 D

Sandy Lane is a Be Car Care Aware member. To learn more about your vehicle, go to


Additional maintenance is not always necessary. Speak with your service advisor to find out more about what services are suggested for your vehicle.

10,000Km Rotate Tires
40,000Km Four Wheel Alignment
50,000Km Power Steering Fluid Service
120,000Km Timing Belt Check

Think of Your Vehicle’s Health

Like your own body, a vehicle has primary functions that need to be monitored.

Oil Sludge Removal
  • Like the difference between an annual teeth cleaning and brushing your teeth regularly, our Hot Oil Service provides a deep cleansing and conditioning that regular oil changes cannot provide.
  • Dissolving and removing sludge and varnish lowers engine temperature and protects your engine from damage.
  • Includes changing your oil and oil filter, and removing harmful deposits in the engine.
Automatic Transmission System Clean Services
  • The normal build up of debris over time restricts fluid flow and promotes rapid wear, causing your transmission to overheat.
  • This service reduces chances of a costly premature transmission failure. Extend transmission life by replacing virtually 100% of the fluid.
Emission System Services
  • Cleans the air intake and fuel delivery systems that become choked with carbon deposits over time.
  • Maintains and restores your engine performance, power, and fuel economy, and reduces harmful vehicle emissions.
  • Part of the Minor and Major Fuel System Services.
Cooling System Services
  • Like sweat glands function to cool the human body, your cooling system controls your vehicle’s temperature.
  • As coolant ages it becomes more acidic and corrosive. Cleaning your cooling system extends the life of parts, such as the water pump, hoses, heater core, thermostat, and radiator.
Power Steering System Service
  • Today’s high operating temperatures and pressures deteriorate power steering fluid. Removing old fluid extends the life of parts, such as the pump, rack and pinion, and steering box.
Differential and Transfer Case Services
  • Heat, moisture, extreme pressure and loads cause gear oil to break down or to be contaminated, leading to lubrication failure and worn drive live gears.
  • Too often overlooked in maintenance programs, properly maintained drive line products and equipment contribute to the overall economy and efficiency of your vehicle's operation.
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