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Posted: 15 Sep '23

Your BMW Repair Specialist Shares Their Top Maintenance & Service Tips

Your BMW Repair Specialist Shares Their Top Maintenance & Service Tips

BMW makes some of the best luxury cars on the road. With a proper maintenance and service schedule, your BMW will continue operating at high-performance levels for several years. When you’re on the go, you want to be confident your BMW will get you to your destination, and proper maintenance by a skilled mechanic is essential to making that happen. The following are some important maintenance and service tips from our BMW repair specialists. Book your car in for service with us today.

Your BMW Will Tell You When It’s Due for Service

Recent models of BMWs have sophisticated technology to let you know when it's due for service and maintenance. The Service Interval Indicator (SII) tracks your service dates and calculates mileage to let you know when your vehicle is likely due for the next service or maintenance. The indicator will literally let you know how many miles you have left before taking your car in for the next service.

Newer BMWs also have a Condition Based Servicing System (CBS) that informs you when certain car parts are damaged or worn down and need replacement. It monitors several things, such as your tire pressure, engine oil, and brake fluid, and informs you when it’s time to top up, refill, or replace.

Your BMW Repair Specialist Shares Their Top Maintenance & Service Tips 2

CBS makes BMW a smart car that can learn how you drive, what environmental conditions you often face, and more. The CBS works with your car’s onboard computers to track individual components, including cabin and oil air filters, spark plugs, and front and rear brake pads. It then informs you via iDrive display and dashboard light when these parts are breaking down or wearing out or when they need replacement. 

The CBS also gives you plenty of time (typically four weeks) to schedule your service appointment. Whenever that dashboard display lights up, make sure you schedule an appointment with a qualified BMW repair specialist within the timeframe recommended.

Schedule Regular Service Inspections

Of course, older BMW models don’t have SII and CBS systems in place. That’s why you need to schedule your BMW for regular inspections to help your mechanic catch small issues early before they escalate into bigger problems.

That said, the following are essential tips to help you maintain the performance of your BMW and extend its life.

Your BMW Repair Specialist Shares Their Top Maintenance & Service Tips 3

Check The Status of Your Tires Monthly

Check the condition of your BMW tires monthly. Although the car's computer will monitor parameters such as air pressure, it will not point out uneven wear that requires alignment.

Check the Engine’s Gaskets and Rubber Hoses

Get under the hood to examine the engine's gaskets and rubber hoses. Look out for cracks or faulty seals that might lead to diminished engine performance and ultimate breakdown.

Change Oil Every 7,500 Miles Instead of 15,000 Miles

Your BMW will alert you to change your oil at 15,000 miles. However, BMW repair specialists recommend getting an oil change at 7,500 miles. By changing the oil more frequently, you can significantly increase the lifespan of the most important internal parts of the engine.

Your BMW Repair Specialist Shares Their Top Maintenance & Service Tips 4 Your BMW Repair Specialist Shares Their Top Maintenance & Service Tips 5

Check Spark Plugs and Air Filters Periodically

Even newer BMWs won’t tell you when to check air filters and spark plugs. Make sure you change your spark plugs at specific intervals indicated in the user manual and inspect air filters at each oil change. Since your BMW won’t alert you of these, ensure you bring your BMW in periodically for checks on spark plugs and air filters.

Book In Your BMW for Quality Service!

Our BMW repair specialist uses only BMW factory parts in repairs, and the manufacturer recommended synthetic oil to service BMW vehicles. As a result, your luxury car will keep performing at the highest level for several years to come. Contact us today to schedule your BMW maintenance or repair!


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