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Posted: 15 Oct '23

How the Evolution of Mercedes Technology has Impacted your Mercedes Maintenance Mechanic

How the Evolution of Mercedes Technology has Impacted your Mercedes Maintenance Mechanic

Mercedes Benz is one of the most over-engineered, complex vehicles on the market today. Even the best-trained mechanics can encounter a one-of-a-kind problem with Mercedes Benz vehicles. However, the brand has developed innovative technologies that impact how Mercedes maintenance mechanics operate. For example, you can collaborate with other Mercedes Benz experts in real-time to help you circle trouble spots and guide you past any time-consuming red herrings. You can even get the wiring diagram and work on the car with expert reference the whole time. Call us today to book your vehicle in for service.

Mercedes Benz Augmented Reality

What used to be a lengthy and frustrating affair for customers and technicians has been significantly shortened, thanks to fancy new technology. Augmented reality is no longer science fiction but reality. As Mercedes Benz cars get more complex, repairing them gets more advanced as well. Mercedes Benz strives to be ahead of the curve in dealing with complex repairs with augmented reality headsets used in various dealerships and auto shops.

The Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset is a wireless augmented reality headset with four visible light cameras designed for head tracking. It also features two infrared eye-tracking cameras, a depth sensor, built-in speakers, and a five-channel microphone array. 

Mercedes maintenance mechanics can also use the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist conferencing and collaboration system. Piloted back in 2019, this technology addresses challenging vehicle repairs. When a customer comes in with a puzzling issue, this technology makes it quick and easy to diagnose the issue, identify the right parts, and deploy a permanent fix. 

How the Evolution of Mercedes Technology has Impacted your Mercedes Maintenance Mechanic 2

How It Works

When a Mercedes Benz vehicle came in with an out-of-the-ordinary issue, the manufacturer used to fly specialists to the dealership to check it out. As a result, it could take a long time before the vehicle is checked, diagnosed, and fixed. The new technology allows Mercedes maintenance mechanics to collaborate remotely and execute effective repairs. 

The repair technician simply dons the headset and calls the support team, displaying and telling them the issue in real-time. The device broadcasts the technician’s view to other Mercedes Benz specialists and experts. It works just like Zoom or Microsoft Teams Meeting, but instead of sharing the screen, you share what you see. The headset also projects vital information like schematics and wiring diagrams so the technician can fix the vehicle at the same time.

While HoloLens might seem like a weird science experiment running behind the scenes, the technology directly impacts the service department and customers as well. The technology will significantly improve efficiency and turnaround times for service departments by as much as 30 percent. Mercedes maintenance mechanics can get cars in and out quicker, particularly for those tougher situations that had customers waiting days for a flying expert to come in.

How the Evolution of Mercedes Technology has Impacted your Mercedes Maintenance Mechanic 3

How Complex Is Mercedes Benz Technology?

With the current trend of building electric cars, the HoloLens solution could be a smart move. While electric vehicles have fewer mechanical parts and may be less complicated to repair, they are built with a ton of code and wiring. All these require a completely different approach to maintenance and repairs than gasoline or petrol-powered vehicles. Looking through the complex wiring diagrams hands-free while repairing the car should make things easier for auto technicians.

Learning and Growing

The new Mercedes Benz technology is pretty intuitive, and technicians can get the menus and calls going within minutes of wearing the headset. Moving the focus of the repair from mechanics to technology will undoubtedly open things up. It dispels a stereotype about Mercedes maintenance mechanics and sends a signal to everyone interested in cutting-edge technology.

Mercedes-Benz believes the futuristic technology has multiple applications beyond the service department. For example, it can be used in training to better arm Mercedes dealerships and auto shops to deal with customers, maintenance, repairs, and vehicles. 

How the Evolution of Mercedes Technology has Impacted your Mercedes Maintenance Mechanic 4 How the Evolution of Mercedes Technology has Impacted your Mercedes Maintenance Mechanic 5

Get Expert Assistance with Mercedes Benz Augmented Reality!

Mercedes Benz leverages the latest showcase of augmented reality to make maintenance quick and easy. With an augmented navigation system, your car can broadcast navigation instructions through a video feed from a front-facing camera on your dashboard. With HoloLens 2 on Mercedes Benz S Class, the technology is extending to the service department. This will improve the experience for Mercedes maintenance mechanics and owners alike. Contact us today to learn more about the evolution of Mercedes technology.


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