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| Posted by Brett Morgan
Peter Twiss Shares an Unwavering Work Ethic with Edmonton

Originally from Scotland, Peter came to Edmonton in 1973 to start his practice as a family doctor and raise a family. Though he made Edmonton his home, his Scottish work ethic never wavered: work hard, contribute to society and set an example for your children. For Peter, family has always come first.

| Posted by Brett Morgan
How Leigh Welsh Defines Home

Everyone’s got a happy place. The Old Strathcona Community Garden is one spot Leigh Welsh looks forward to spending time, sinking her hands into the cool soil of Spring. For the elementary school teacher, seeing her young students learn, grow and flourish is a great joy. In her free time, once the snow has melted, she gardens to keep the body active and mind relaxed, and every summer anticipates the taste of fresh kale, carrots, and beans and the promise of sweet peas.

| Posted by Brett Morgan
Jim Noble's Gift That Just Keeps on Giving

“Beetlejuice,” was once Jim Noble’s pride and joy. No, not the 1988 box-office hit featuring Michael Keaton in stripes—this Beetlejuice was a 77’ Volkswagen Beetle, and Jim Noble’s pride and joy. (You might spot it on the Sandy Lane lobby television loop.) Seven years ago, when Jim went looking for mechanics who would work on his cream-coloured bug, he joked that he was willing to be cryogenically frozen while waiting for parts.

| Posted by Brett Morgan
5 Facts That You Didn’t Know About Mercedes Benz

We bet you know a lot about our high end automobiles, but here are 5 facts that we bet you didn't know about Mercedes Benz.


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