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Summer Tire FAQ - Sandy Lane Automotive Edmonton

What are Speed Rated Tires?

Some high performance tires have speed ratings. Speed rated tires will generally have a softer tread to aid in traction and a rigid sidewall that increases the performance characteristics of the tire. The softer the tread, the quicker the tire wears. Technically speaking, speed rated tires are designed to be stable up to and at the rated limit and range from Q being 100 mph all the up to Y being 186 mph.

Is there a big difference between Summer Tires and Winter Tires?

Yes, there are actually extreme differences between not only summer & winter tires but all-season tires as well. Winter tires will have bigger grooves for snow, some actually designed to grab the snow and throw it as traction. Winter tires also have softer compositions then all-season tires. Summer tires will have enough groove for rain and keep more rubber to the road for dryer conditions.

Why did my tires wear so quickly?

Premature tire wear may be caused by many factors other than tire rotation. Some examples are as follows: improper inflation, driving conditions, misaligned vehicles, worn vehicle parts and a variety of other reasons. Without physically inspecting the tires, it is difficult to make a determination as to why your tires wear prematurely.

Do I need to replace my Run Flat tires with Run Flat tires?

No, you don't. A non run flat tire can be mounted on a car that came standard with run flat tires. Obviously there is no spare tire option in some of the European cars so the driver would have to be aware that a flat tire might result in an expensive tow bill.

If I am shopping for tires this summer, what are some of the questions I should be asking the service team at Sandy Lane Auto to ensure I am getting the best tire for me?

Information is key. Here are some questions that will help us get the best tires for you and your family.

  • Are my current tires the best tires for my vehicle?
  • What are the best tires that match my driving habits and my price?
  • Can you give me a pricing tier of my tire type with three choices?
  • What is the mileage warranty (if any) of my new tires?

Have other questions? Ask us.

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