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Posted: 2 Oct '17

Winter is Just Around the Corner: Season Changes Require Oil Changes

Oil Change Edmonton
Many people don't give things like the oil in their car a second thought. They check the level every once in a while, and get an oil change when they remember.

We know that an oil change in Edmonton is not an optional process. If you're living in a winter city, oil changes may be the only thing between you and a car that just won't start. Here's what you need to know.

Thin Oil Is Bad

Thin oil doesn't have the weight to coat and protect the parts of your engine when winter hits, which means that your engine is always fighting against the cold, working harder than it should. That's hard on your car, and it's one of the reasons that many people recommend using a less viscous oil when the temperature heads into the minuses.

Thick Oil Is Bad Too

Thick, dirty old oil only gets thicker when things get frosty, and that means your electrical system has to work even harder to try to keep it moving long enough to heat up your engine. If it gets cold enough, and your oil is thick enough, your car might not have the juice to get it going. Forget to plug in your block heater, and you'll be standing outside with a car that just won't turn over.

Bad Oil Affects Your Vehicle’s Components

Cold weather can result in increased initial pressure, as your engine tries to go from well below zero to humming along nicely. That puts pressure on other parts of the system too.

Oil filters, rings, and valves all take a beating when things get cold, and they're another good reason to prioritize your Edmonton oil change. They're going to work harder no matter what you do, but why make it even harder by forcing them to do it with old bad oil?

A good oil change in Edmonton will replace your old oil with new, at the perfect viscosity for winter, and make sure that all the other parts of the system are in good shape, and ready for the weather. Because no one wants to stand around at minus twenty trying to get their car to start.

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