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Posted: 30 Nov '17

What to Ask your Volkswagen (VW) Mechanic

Volkswagen Mechanic
Having your vehicle break down or develop a problem is stressful enough without the addition of dealing with a mechanic. For most people “mechanic-speak” is like a foreign language. But if you own a vehicle, the time will come when you must consult with a mechanic/technician. We want our clients to be comfortable when speaking with a Volkswagen (VW) mechanic at either of our locations, so we have a few suggestions we hope will help.

Jake Rossen wrote an article following an interview with long-time Volkswagen (VW) mechanic, Charles Sanville, who not only writes the blog “The Humble Mechanic” but has videos available on YouTube. Rossen asked Sanville what auto owners should ask their mechanics?

Question No. 1: Always Ask to Point Out the Problem

Always ask any Volkswagen (VW) mechanic to show you where the problem is, Sanville says. Most times, a mechanic can point to where the trouble is and explain what is wrong. Only when the problem is with the electrical system or computer should a mechanic not be able to point out the malfunctioning part.

Plus, always ask to have the defective part given to you after the repair. That way, you are sure something was replaced. In addition, by looking at the part and asking about it, you educate yourself and establish a relationship with your Volkswagen (VW) mechanic in South Edmonton.

More Than One Problem?

If your South Edmonton Volkswagen (VW) mechanic shows you several things, ask which is/are critical. What should be repaired first? Second? And so on. Prioritize the list, please.

What Happens If the Problem Is Not Fixed Immediately?

If unexpected car trouble and accompanying bill hit at a difficult financial time, ask the mechanic what will happen if the problem is not repaired immediately.

Naturally, any issue that will damage your vehicle more and increase the cost of repair should receive immediate attention. However, if the problem can continue without damaging anything, you have the opportunity to schedule your automotive repair/expense.

Ask Your South Edmonton Volkswagen (VW) Mechanic What He Did

Once the work is complete, ask the technician how he fixed the problem, what steps were required for the repair. In Rossen’s article, he and Sanville acknowledge that most people don’t understand “mechanic-speak.” However, chatting with your South Edmonton Volkswagen (VW) mechanic is establishing a rapport, a relationship, that will be beneficial for your both. You will feel more comfortable next time, and he can’t survive unless he does a good job and earns your repeat business.

If your VW isn’t humming along in its normal way, call Sandy Lane Auto today and consult with a highly trained Volkswagen (VW) mechanic at our South Edmonton location.


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