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Posted: 30 Nov '16

Preparing Your Volkswagen For Holiday Travel

Sometimes it seems like Mother Nature takes your winter holiday travel plans as a challenge and throws its worst at you. To ensure that you and your loved ones get where you’re headed safely, make certain that your Volkswagen receives proper vehicle maintenance from Sandy Lane Auto, Edmonton South.

Extreme Temperatures Wreak Havoc in Edmonton South

Although your Volkswagen is a well-built vehicle, extremely cold temperatures can have dastardly effects on some components if you do not prepare in advance. Before packing your bags and hitting the road, be sure to check the following:

  • Extreme cold can drain your battery! Ensure that your battery is fully charged and always travel with a set of booster cables.
  • Check your antifreeze levels to ensure that your radiator keeps from freezing.
  • • Verify your tire pressure because the cold can deflate your tires.
  • • Getting an oil change is always a good idea before any major road trip.

A Matter of Safety for Holiday Travelling

Once your Volkswagen is declared mechanically sound for holiday travelling by Sandy Lane Auto in Edmonton South, there are a few things to remember that may prove extremely valuable if you’re forced to face dangerous driving conditions:

• Fill up your fuel tank and don't let it fall to less than half. The added weight of the fuel helps with keeping your car on the road. In addition, having plenty of fuel means you will not run out of gas on the side of a highway.

• Always clean your windows fully for maximum visibility. Use a windshield washer fluid specifically designed for the extreme cold and extra dirty road conditions. Carry an extra jug to ensure you have some when you need it most!

• Never spin your tires if you happen to get stuck. Not only will you wear them out prematurely, the friction will dig the snow down further which is likely to compound the problem. If possible, carry a bag of sand that you can pour under the wheel for traction, or some strips of cardboard if space is an issue.

Visit us!

Your expert Volkswagen technicians at Sandy Lane Auto Edmonton South want you to be safe during your holiday travels. For top-quality preventative maintenance, or an inspection to be sure your car is safe for a road trip, book an appointment online or contact us.


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