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Posted: 31 Jul '17

Three Reasons to Use Sandy Lane Auto as Your Independent Volkswagen Repair & Maintenance Destination

Volkswagen Edmonton North

There are more than a few auto shops in the city of Edmonton. Some are amazing, some are less than memorable (or memorable for all the wrong reasons.) If you're looking for specialists for your Volkswagen in Edmonton North or South, we'd like to be on your short list, and we've got a few very good reasons for that.

European Auto Repair Shop

When you're talking about any kind of imported car, taking it to a specialized shop can be the most important step you take.

If the shop you're using is not trained on servicing your Volkswagen (or any other imported brand for that matter) chances are they don't have the right tools, the right parts, or the right skills to diagnose and fix your problems.

A Long History

Auto repair shops that deliver on price and service tend to be around for a lot longer than those that don't. We know. We've been delivering to our Volkswagen customers in Edmonton at our North and South locations since 1968, and we're still going strong.

Older isn't always the same as better, but when it comes to auto repair, it is dependable, and that should be near the top of your list of must haves.

Part of the Community

Edmonton, and Alberta, has had a rough time over the past few years. As a part of the community, we've stepped up our efforts to help out, by continuing and increasing our support for organizations like E4Cs School Lunch program, and Homeless to Homes Centre for Family Literacy. We care about the people of this city and their cars, and when you deal with us, you're supporting those causes too.

There are other choices for Volkswagen repairs and service in Edmonton, but our customers keep coming back year after year, generation after generation, because we combine the right amount of knowledge, skill, expertise and good old-fashioned caring.

So, whether you need your Volkswagen serviced or repaired, think Sandy Lane Auto – we have locations in North and South Edmonton.


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