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Posted: 16 Nov '16

How to Maintain Your Mercedes for Alberta Winters

Mercedes Edmonton West Servicing from Sandy Lane Auto
Alberta’s harsh winters present difficult driving challenges even for the best of vehicles - your Mercedes is no exception. The last thing you want is your Mercedes damaged by salt, sand - or worse - written off after a preventable accident. Sandy Lane Auto in Edmonton West will prepare your Mercedes for the tough winter ahead by offering preventative maintenance services and more.

When the Rubber Hits the Road

Tires are responsible for keeping you and your vehicle on the road during winter’s worst driving conditions. Your Mercedes is a solidly-built vehicle and its weight is distributed over a very small tire surface area. Despite only two square feet of rubber touching the road at any given time, tires are responsible for the weight and stability of your car and the safety of those inside. With this in mind, be sure to select a quality set of winter tires and periodically check their internal pressure to ensure optimal performance.

After checking your brake fluid, make sure to test your brakes in a safe place and not on a highway or thoroughfare. Listen for unusual sounds and take note of any pulling. If you do discover any unusual sounds or pulling when pushing your brake pedal, your Mercedes experts at Sandy Lane Auto Edmonton West can diagnose the issue and make any necessary repairs to ensure that you can stop when you need to.

Keeping it Clean

While you likely keep the exterior of your Mercedes looking showroom-ready, don't skimp on the undercarriage and especially the wheel wells. While it is unlikely that anyone will admire how awesome the underside of your Mercedes looks, it’s important to keep it clean to prevent premature rust and corrosion of moving parts. Proper maintenance and keeping your entire vehicle clean will ensure that your Mercedes not only looks great, but that its moving parts, such as the suspension, brakes, and more, last to their maximum lifespan.

For expert mechanical repair or preventative maintenance packages for your Mercedes in Edmonton West or South, contact us at Sandy Lane Auto. We understand how your Mercedes works and how to service it so that it’s ready for whatever Alberta winters have to throw at it.


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