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Posted: 16 Jan '19

Engineer, Dancer, Woodworker & Gardener—No idle moment for this Sandy Lane veteran

Evan Zukiwsky

In a past life, Evan Zukiwsky could throw his legs over his head, leap across a stage and keep impressive formations with his Ukrainian Shumka dance team. As Shumka alumni and Chair of the organization’s board of directors, he is keen to help build a sustainable organization capable of seeing the company dancers pursue and fulfill their dreams, one of which includes touring nationally and internationally.

Born and raised in Edmonton, Evan studied instrumentation engineering and went on to maintaining high voltage systems inside industrial plants for a time before transitioning into power distribution design and construction.

In his free time, Evan enjoys spending time in his backyard, gardening, and recently took up an interest in woodworking. He has already built and restored several pieces of furniture, and his next project may involve fixing up an antique vehicle.

Evan first came to Sandy Lane when he was a child, accompanying his father when he dropped off the family vehicle for maintenance. His own first car at Sandy Lane was a burgundy 1986 BMW 528e.

Favourite thing about Sandy Lane

There is always a feeling of trust with the front-end staff in terms of pricing, timing major work on the car, tire changes, and all. They call me by my first name when I walk in, which always seems crazy to me. It’s not like I’m there all the time. I was helping out my dad, taking his vehicle, an old Volvo 240DL with 100s of thousands of kms, in to Sandy Lane for maintenance. Brett always went above and beyond and I really respect him for that.

Favourite place to eat in Edmonton

My brother’s place. There is always something different and exotic that he is cooking up, and I always look forward to it.

Favourite book

Red Notice by Bill Browder is one of my favourites.

Favourite thing about Edmonton

There are so many great things about Edmonton. Downtown revitalization. Restaurants. Whatever community you are in, doesn’t matter what activity you enjoy—biking, triathlon, Ukrainian dancing—it seems there is a ground swell of support. 100s of people come out to help run events and get involved. It’ a rare thing to find that level of giving in a city, but that is Edmonton.

Thank you for all your years of loyalty to Sandy Lane, Evan!


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