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Posted: 28 Feb '18

Does My Porsche Need Special Tires from A Porsche Tire Shop

No doubt you are eager to maintain the high-performance adventure your fun-to-drive Porsche delivers. Porsches are known to “stick to the road” even at high speeds, and their tires play an integral part in the great handling you love. You will want to educate yourself on appropriate tires for your vehicle — and become acquainted with the staff of Edmonton’s foremost Porsche tire shop. Together, we can ensure the performance and safety of your road experiences.

Porsches Need Complex Tires

Because of the need for your Porsche to "stick to the road" at high speeds in all weather, the tires on your Porsche are a complex design. The best tire manufacturers and Porsche engineers work together to develop products that deliver high performance on the road. Before a prototype is approved, the tires undergo laboratory, test track and race track tests to ensure they meet Porsche’s exacting noise, hydroplaning and handling requirements. Only after strenuous assessment is a design released for production and becomes available in a Porsche tire shop in Edmonton.

How Many at a Time from Your Edmonton Porsche Tire Shop?

The handling, the fun, the adventure are major elements in your satisfaction with your Porsche. Those elements change when your tires are not in precise condition. The front and rear tires on Porsches are often a different size, and tires for each axle should be purchased together from your Edmonton Porsche tire shop because even slightly different wear patterns affect your vehicle's reaction.

A technical reason for purchasing four at the same time is the manufacturing process. The earliest release of a new Porsche tire design is N-0. The next release of the same design is N-1, then N-2, and so forth. The four on your car must be of the same make, type, and N-specification for your vehicle to operate properly on the road.

You can see that having several kilometers on a set means it might be difficult for your Edmonton Porsche tire shop to have your specific tire in stock. But what about road hazards, punctures, cuts or cracks? Must all four be replaced if just one is damaged?

Your vehicle can cope with replacing one tire if the tread is less than 30 percent worn. So, if your Porsche tire shop has a matching tire in stock, you can replace just one. However, for the first hundred or two hundred kilometers, you need to adjust your driving, according to information in recent Porsche vehicle owner’s manuals. It takes that distance for a new tire to offer full traction.

To learn more about optimum tire performance, call or stop by Sandy Lane Auto, Edmonton’s own Porsche tire shop to consult with our knowledgeable staff.


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