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Posted: 30 Apr '18

Change of Seasons: Go to a Porsche Tire Shop for Summer Tires

Winter is on the way out, and warmer weather is sure to follow. It’s time for us to plan those great summer road trips we enjoy so much here in Alberta. As the owner of a Porsche, you are likely already considering getting your automobile in top running condition. Having proper tires are instrumental in your driving pleasure (and safety). Why not visit your local Porsche Tire Shop in Edmonton to discuss tires developed specifically for summer travel?

Porsches operate at their optimum when outfitted with tires designed, tested and produced by manufacturers who partner with Porsche and its engineering team. Together, they have created remarkable tires to live up to the expectations of Porsche owners. Porsches hum effortlessly across the miles, delivering precise, exhilarating handling for the driver and a smooth, luxurious ride for passengers. Your Edmonton Porsche Tire Shop can help your Porsche live up to your expectations and perhaps beyond your dreams as you explore this summer.

Composition of Summer Tires Ideal for the Hot Highway

Summer tires available in your Porsche Tire Shop in Edmonton have a softer rubber compound than winter or all-weather tires. The material softens on a hot highway and holds to the road better. This property also makes them dangerous to have on your vehicle in winter as the tires stiffen in frigid temperatures and lose surface traction.

Find Summer Treads at Your Porsche Tire Shop in Edmonton

Another major factor in the design of summer tires is the double tread design of Porsche-approved tires:

  • Circumferential treads, which run around the tire, have shallow “voids” or spaces between the treads, allowing the surface of the hot, softened tire more contact with the road. This makes your Porsche more responsive, handling better in dry conditions.
  • For those wet, soggy days, Porsche summer tire design has included longitudinally-aligned tread voids that cut through and evacuate water from beneath your tires.

The carefully engineered Porsche tires are designed to provide low rolling resistance, allowing for faster acceleration – one of the main things we love about our Porsches – and delivering a smooth ride.

Edmonton’s Porsche Tire Shop Provides Full Service

Our knowledgeable staff can help you select the best brand, model and size tires for your Porsche. Contact Sandy Lane Auto’s Porsche Tire Shop in Edmonton to schedule an appointment to select summer tires and have our professional technicians mount, balance and install them in preparation for your summer excursions.


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