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Posted: 31 Jan '18

Audi Oil Change: Don’t Ignore Your Audi’s Service Indicator

Your Audi is a precision machine perfect for adventuring on the open road. It is finely engineered and designed for a long satisfying life with you at the wheel. However, any engine requires regular maintenance to operate at its best. Audi's "Service Due" light tells you when maintenance is due. Service and a basic Audi Oil Change at our Edmonton shop is the first step toward enjoying years of outstanding service from your vehicle.

Do not be alarmed when the "Service Due" light or its accompanying "Oil Minimum" light appears. Nothing is wrong. The lights inform you how to assist your engine. It is the “Check Engine” light that should cause you concern.

The Signal of an Upcoming Audi Oil Change at Edmonton Shop

The “Service Due” light, in the shape of a wrench, reminds you that your Audi should be checked every 10,000 kilometers or once a year – whichever comes first. Service by your manufacturer-trained Edmonton shop includes an Audi Oil Change plus numerous checks and inspections by our highly trained technicians.

Our mechanics use the correct oil and filters as well as check on hoses, belts and brakes, and perform an entire list of tasks to ensure your safety and maintain your Audi.

Oil changes and the accompanying inspections detect potential problems in order to fix them before they become big issues. We do suggest that you purchase an extra container of oil to carry in the trunk for when the next helpful indicator light pops on.

Oil Usage Between Audi Oil Changes

As you zip around Edmonton, the “Oil Minimum” light (an oil can with a drop of oil in the spout) may come on. It is normal for your vehicle to use some oil between one Audi Oil Change to another. That’s why we have suggested carrying an extra container in the trunk.

Audi advises its customers that during the first 3,000 kilometers, as the vehicle breaks in, more oil is required by the engine. After that, a little usage is normal. When you see the “Oil Minimum” light, just top off the oil, a little at a time. Do not overfill as that can harm your vehicle.

Oil usage in your Audi:

  • Can vary based on the oil quality and viscosity, road conditions, outside temperatures, and engine RPMs
  • Is influenced by your driving habits and whether the vehicle is carrying or towing heavy loads
  • Can indicate engine wear that can be diminished with routine service and Audi Oil Changes in our Edmonton shop

We're here to discuss your concerns as well as maintain your vehicle. Contact us to schedule routine maintenance and regular Audi Oil Changes in our Edmonton shop.


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