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Posted: 31 Dec '17

3 Tips on How to Avoid Costly BMW Auto Repairs

We love driving our BMWs and the way they handle on the road. They’re not economy vehicles, but that doesn’t prevent us from wanting to save money on BMW auto repairs in our harsh Edmonton weather.

Here are some tips for our Edmonton customers to avoid costly BMW auto repairs. Sometimes, it truly is the simple things that add up.

Seasonal Care Reduces BMW Auto Repairs

Edmonton winters are hard on vehicles, but the different seasons all present their own issues.

For winter, in addition to being sure the antifreeze meets our frigid requirements and your tires have been rotated and properly filled, add an emergency kit:

  • Kitty litter provides traction if sprinkled under the tires when you are stuck.
  • De-icing spray can clear your windshield and unlock a frozen door.
  • Ice Scraper. Pack a couple -- one for inside your vehicle and a spare in the trunk.

Once winter is past, or during a brief thaw, wash off the salty road mixture to prevent rust. Pay special attention to the wheel wells.

Inspect the windshield for small chips from rocks. If caught early, they can be repaired, and you avoid replacing the windshield.

Remember even in summer to keep your BMW’s antifreeze levels checked to prevent your vehicle from overheating.

Treating your BMW with care can prevent being required to spend your hard-earned Edmonton money on costly BMW auto repairs.

Regular Maintenance Prevents BMW Auto Repairs

Your favorite Edmonton auto shop can assist with regular oil changes, using them as an opportunity to check the belts and hoses. We all know that today’s advanced oil products do not require replacement every 3,000 miles. However, even modern products deteriorate. So, replacing the oil a few times a year is still a good idea and allows our technicians to check the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle. A broken belt or hose that leaves you stranded in our frigid temperatures can be dangerous.

Polishing Your Image with BMW Interior Maintenance

The luxury ride is one of the things we enjoy most about our BMWs. We don’t derive the same pleasure if the interior is messy or dirty. A regular vacuum and rug shampoo takes care of the moisture and dirt we track into our vehicles in the winter. Using an appropriate cleaning agent for the upholstery, dash and door interiors will prevent cracking and keep them looking new.

Our BMWs are powerful, high-performance vehicles we are proud to own. By paying attention to the simple details, we can often avoid costly BMW auto repairs for our Edmonton vehicles.

Contact us today to learn how our professional technicians can help you avoid expensive BMW auto repairs and keep your Edmonton vehicle operating at its peak.


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